Coaching with Dr. Neal

You Are Your Values!

Gandhi never took a course in “non-violence”, nor did President Harry Truman on “straight talk”, nor President Lincoln on “the importance of diversity”, nor Walter Cronkite on “integrity”.

These great men did not speak of values, they LIVED by them. They trusted their values to guide them toward doing the right things. They and their values were one in the same.

How many times have we admonished our teenagers before departing for a night out with friends, “Don’t forget who you are?” And, yet, we are often dismissive of the effect and impact that our words and actions have on others, rationalizing our behavior and claiming that another should “do as I say and not as I do.”

Your values are your guide to a meaningful and satisfying life. If you are not in touch with your values, get the coaching you need to discover them. Then, start living according to them.

Support yourself by defining your values and living by them. Only then will you be able to live peacefully and in a state of balance and ease with yourself and others.

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