Coaching with Dr. Neal

What makes Dr. Neal unique?

slide13-940x342_fvesec_ialralIf you need or want to make a fundamental change in your life, to take the opportunity to envision and design exactly how you want your life to look, together we’ll draw up a new blueprint that is fundamentally, and thoroughly aligned with your deepest desires, values, goals, hopes and dreams. Whether your vision is purely about your own well being or involves the desire to love, intimacy and connection with another, Dr. Neal has the tools and toolkit to be of help.

Coaching with Dr. Neal can be boiled down to eight questions. Once we nail down your personal and specific answers to these questions, your quest for personal well being and interpersonal connection has begun in earnest. These questions are:

1) Where am I at now?

2) Where do I want to be and by when?

3) Why do I want to do this?

4) How will I get there most efficiently?

5) When will I arrive?

6) What will it look like?

7) Who and what do I need to help me get there?

8) How will I ensure I stay on course to achieve my dreams?

Let’s look at each of these individually.

The first question demands an unflinching assessment of your current status. As an example, I would ask questions such as, “Where are you stuck when it comes to your health, well being, spirituality or relationships?”  Together we will pinpoint what is working and what is not.

Second, we will outline where you want to be. What are your goals? If you want improved health and vitality, how so and what will that look like? If your love life is lackluster, what qualities are you looking for in a partner and what are you truly willing to bring to the table in return? We will explore your issues in depth and then laser in on the keys to bringing you satisfaction.

Third, we will work together to come up with your “WHY.” One of the most vital yet overlooked components in getting from where you are to where you want to be is to have a great reason for wanting to get there. Your “WHY” is the driving force that will plow through all your resistance, rationalizations and refusals. The world loves putting up stop signs, especially in response to a demonstration of profound and lasting change. Your “WHY” is your armor and your protection against the elements of “NO.” It’s your “YES.” I will do “X” because it is right for me!

Fourth, you will need a plan. Just as you would be sure to take a GPS along when visiting a new place, so too you will want to equip yourself with the ABCs of how to get from Point A to Point B!  Additionally, we will explore the unique strengths and talents you bring to the equation that will assist you in realizing your dream.

Fifth, you will want a target date. An effective weapon in overriding negativity and procrastination is a sense of urgency and a clear vision of a finish line. Your chances of success increase dramatically when you plant the seed in your mind that by such and such a date you will have reached your goal and that you will do whatever it takes to get there!

And sixth, you will want to visualize, i.e., taste, touch, feel, see and hear just what it is going to be like when you reach your goal. What will better health look like? Where will you and your new romantic partner spend the weekend lavishing in the pleasure of each others’ company? Where will you find the serenity and well being you crave? The mountains? The ocean? A deserted island? You pick! Your limits are your imagination!

This is the exciting process I call “Coaching with Dr. Neal.” Fundamental and thorough changes are already in existence for you. They are here. Now. Opening the door to that reality is something I would greatly enjoy helping you do.

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