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There are many, many categories of coaching! The ones listed below fall within my scope of knowledge and experience. Call me and let’s discuss your challenges, goals and dreams!



Transition coaching is a catch-all phrase that describes a method for helping you, the client, move beyond perceived roadblocks and hurdles. Many of us want to change, grow and move on, but are stymied and left stuck, hurting and scared at the seemingly insurmountable odds and steps it may take to begin living a more satisfying, enjoyable and meaningful life. Whether you are changing jobs, trying to go from single to married, drop pounds or make a big move, my transitioning coaching process will be of tremendous assistance in breaking your journey down into small, manageable, do-able steps.


Most committed couples are married or have formalized their commitment in a ceremony of some kind. These couples often seek coaching because they desire to find a way to successfully solve problems and “live happily ever after.” As a relationship coach, I put each half of the couple in complete charge of coming up with resonant, “couple-affirming” solutions that lead to an oasis of safety, mutual respect and admiration, and, most of all, predictable longevity.


In order to achieve the goal of transitioning through divorce with peace, confidence and direction, my divorce coaching approach encourages clients to identify and implement a support system that will help see them through the difficult times. All too often individuals are bombarded with “advice” from friends, family and neighbors, which can be overwhelming, confusing, counterproductive and dangerous! As a coach, I can help my client discover and maintain stability while riding the divorce train to its final destination.


My lifestyle coaching will positively impact clinical outcomes and improve your overall standard of wellness and well being. As the client, you want to live a healthier lifestyle, and our work together teaches you how to put all the pieces in place that will allow you to accomplish that goal. It’s about setting yourself up for success!


Wellness Coaching can include discussions about anything that impacts your health, fitness, and general well-being. The five main areas that I can help you with as your wellness coach can help with are: fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight, and other health-related issues. Wellness Coaching can help you to eat healthier, get fitter, and increase your daily energy. The main focus with Wellness Coaching is to make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes, not to provide quick fixes.


Stress reduction coaching is just a fancy term for helping you discover positive actions that you can take each day, ones that increase your odds of living a deeply satisfying life. These actions will help you derive more enjoyment while releasing the small amounts of stress which build up on a daily basis. By releasing stress on a daily basis, you will prevent the larger, stress related issues from arising. The great thing is that most of these stress reduction strategies are FUN and they are all easy to implement.


Recovery coaching is for persons with addictions or who are in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. Recovery coaching works with persons with active addictions as well as with those already in recovery. Recovery coaches are helpful for making decisions about what to do with your life and the part your addiction or recovery plays. Recovery coaches help clients find ways to stop addiction (abstinence), or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors. Recovery coaches can help a client find resources for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, local or online support groups; or help a client create a change plan to recover on their own.


Stress causes us to live each day running down tasks. Most of our focus and energy has literally gone to our heads. We tend to give more value to information that comes from our brains, relying on analysis and judgment to guide us in our choices. Only one problem: we’re not happy! This is because the thinking mind is also where fear and anxiety are born; emotions arise that keep us dis-spirited – small and weak- not all that we can be. Our spiritual life is jailed by our own choices and experiences. Spiritual coaching offers the key to the cell’s door to step back into a place of spiritual fulfillment. Spiritual coaching is not about religion. It is about connecting with the g-dliness inherent in each of us.


Dr. Neal Blaxberg


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