Coaching with Dr. Neal

Nice Stuff I Ask Them To Say About Me


You have been an inspiration to go further into my realization. Your words of encouragement and wisdom have been a blessing and have provided me with great insight.
– Melcina R.


“I have known and adored Dr. Neal for 28 years. His miraculous touch and healing skills, in combination with his unparalleled caring, high moral and ethical code and keen ability to listen has been a pillar of physical, emotional and spiritual support for me. He is patient, open and truly interested, and is masterful at eliciting different perspectives. Empathetic to a wide variety of life situations, Dr. Neal’s spirituality and wisdom penetrate the soul with ease and grace. He delivers powerful coaching that will help you crystallize and work toward your truest goals, substantially enhancing your quality of life.”

-Linda G.

“Dr. Blaxberg has the skill and experience to assist clients in making solid, satisfying life changes. Neal is able to support and reflect one’s journey, promoting self-acceptance, clarity of direction and quick growth. I definitely recommend him specifically for his vast wealth of knowledge in health and wellness coaching as well as for his depth of understanding of the human interpersonal condition.”

– Mindi B.

“By the end of our first session, I knew that I was more capable, more talented, and just plain more… than I believed I was before that meeting. With Dr. B’s gentle, uplifting reflection and guidance, I discovered and rediscovered some really wonderful things about me, and the gifts that I have to give. Dr. Neal is an excellent listener who helped me to dig down to the truth about myself. I now know my values better than I ever did and am living in accordance with them. I’m so glad that I chose this experience.”

– Dave B.

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