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Well doc, here you are!

You are just starting out. Or maybe you have been in the game for awhile. You either know how to improve the patient’s alignment, or are just beginning to figure it out. In any case, you have the “how to practice chiropractic” thing handled and feel confident in your ability to deliver your services and get paid for doing so.

But what about your life?


You got good grades in high school, went to a college that offered you what you needed to get into chiropractic school, and, finally, became a chiropractor! Awesome! I give you HUGE kudos! You are in the best profession in the world. Welcome!


But who are you?


Have you taken a breather in the last 10 years, and asked yourself what you want out of life? Are you clear on your values and priorities? Or has it become a matter – like they say in The Twelve Steps – of “taking it one day at a time?” Have you lost your compass, or maybe never really gave the thought of having one much consideration?

Many people allow life to come their way; they live life RE-ACTIVELY, not PRO-ACTIVELY. They don’t plan to fail at the game of life, but they do fail to plan. They make the critical mistake of failing to critique their approach to life and living, allowing the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” to come their way without giving credence to the notion that they are creating their current reality by default! They are unhappy, dissatisfied and they feel empty. And they just don’t know or understand why.


So, again, I ask, “WHO ARE YOU?”


Have you given much thought to your values and goals? I don’t mean how many patients you want to see each week, or how much money you want to collect. I am talking about your INTIMATE AND PERSONAL values and goals.

Do you want to marry, have a family and raise responsible, happy children? Do you want to be a single man or woman and cater to the needs of people around the world, taking your skill set abroad and healing rifts between peoples and countries? Do you want a busy life in the city, a quiet life in the suburbs, or a gentle, relaxing existence at the beach? Are you committed to personal health and well-being? Does that mean running marathons, or are you okay with a stroll each day? Do you eat all your meals at fine restaurants, or is home cooking your bag? Do you want to be a pillar of your community? Or would you prefer to hang with friends on the weekend and play golf?

None of the questions listed above have a right or wrong answer. But they do have an answer. And asking those questions, getting those answers, and developing a plan of action that will lead you in your very own, personal life direction, is the purpose of coaching.

If you have not yet created a life plan, then your life is creating you! You can either become the master over your circumstances, or a slave to happenstance. It is entirely up to you. But it does not have to be done alone if you decide to take action.

I am your guide, mentor and Sherpa, all wrapped up in one, well-trained package. I have 60 years logged on the planet, 30 years of active chiropractic practice, expert certification and years of experience in professional coaching, and a whole lot of bumps and bruises gained over time, all to help show you the way to your own, genuine vision of living, THE WAY YOU WANT.

Let’s talk. It starts with a free phone call. I’m here to help.

Dr. Neal Blaxberg


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