Coaching with Dr. Neal

Who Is this “Dr. Neal” Guy?

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For thirty years I was known as the “go-to” doc when it came to advice, help and treatment for a broad assortment of “what ails ya.” Then injuries ended that career and led me down a tough, sobering and enlightening road.  I determined what I valued the most, left the rest behind, and ultimately transitioned into an entirely new and different phase of life.

Drawing upon my background in traditional and natural healing, psychology, counseling, twelve steps work, therapy, marriage and childrearing, I became a professional coach, fully equipped to assist, guide and mentor you, as you boldly step into new, exciting and uncharted territory. In short, I am your transition specialist, and come especially equipped to help you DEFINE YOUR VALUES, get through and beyond your “stuck” spots, and  start living the life you want and deserve.

My style of coaching will bring about the RESULTS you want. Once you actively define and begin to live by the VALUES you hold dear, all falls into place.

My coaching will lead you to a quiet, balanced place, where you are able to discover and harness your value-driven, inner wisdom. Accessing your values and your inner wisdom, and putting them to positive and effective use, is the goal of coaching with me. You will break through barriers and achieve what you had previously thought was either very difficult or nearly impossible. Values-based coaching  leads to deeply satisfying “light bulb” moments; and transition and transformation begin to happen naturally. Your inner wisdom has been unleashed. Your personal power is now back in your court.

The life you desire can be yours. The first step to  success begins with a phone call. Let’s talk.


Dr. Neal Blaxberg


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